The Goods Vehicles Fleet Owners Association Limited which is a non-profit making association, founded in 1979 by eight enterprises, namely, China Light & Power Co. Ltd., Swire Bottlers Ltd., Pioneer Concrete (HK) Ltd., Sea Land Orient Ltd., Hong Kong Oxygen & Acetyene Co. Ltd., Ready Mixed Concrete (HK) Ltd., HIT (Transport) Ltd. and The Daily Farm Ice & Cold Storage Ltd.
Since its establishment, the Transport Department of the HKSAR Government recognized the Association as a trade representative of the trucking industry. In regards of the corporate social responsibity, the Association has become one of the 178 registered electors of the Functional Constituency - Transport of Legislative Council since 1995.
Currently, there are more than 30 corporate members consisting around 6000 employees and 2000 fleet. 
To establish favourable conditions and environments for business development of
    the trade.
To foster the trucking business by strengthening contact amongst members and or
    individual /corporate in the trade.
To blend with participation and cooperation, the Association unites other operators
    and members as a whole to protect interests of the trade.
Represent the Trucking Industry to communicate with the
    Transport Department for establishment and or implementation
    of new Traffic and Transport policies.
To foster inter-communication amongst members in sharing
    updated information and useful resources.
To promote and support work safety and occupational safety of
    the industry.
The Association Structure
Welcoming Speech From The Chairman



Welcome to browse the web-site of The Goods Vehicle Fleet Owners Association.

The role of The Goods Vehicle Fleet Owners Association is a bridge of communication between the Government of HKSAR and the Trucking industry in the territory.  Its status is a recognized representative of the trade to voice out opinions and suggestion in connection with establishment and or implementation of new Traffic and Transport policies.  On top of this, the Association sits in the Transport and Physical Distribution Training Board of Vocational Training Council and the Trucking Industry Safety and Health Council (Occupational Safety and Health Council) Consultative Committee to express the view of the trade.  Certainly providing professional recommendations in relation to education and training on Occupational Safety and Health of the trucking industry is a secondary function of the Association. 
Blending with such a close relation with various Departments of the Government and the Association, the public may understand what is going on with the trucking industry in regard to environmental protection and occupational safety and health issues.

Another prime objective of the Association is to explore business opportunity and establish better environments for business development for the trade.  In order to protect interests of the trade, the Association collects updated information and modern technology in managing a successful trucking business and shares these valuable resources with other non-member fleet operators in unity. 

I would like to thank all members who have been generously contributing their efforts to the Association in the past years.  To tackle with the coming challenge, please be assured that the Association will do the utmost to provide all supports to cope with the needs of all members.

Lastly, I would wish all browsers have a cheerful surfing.


Madison Tang