The Goods Vehicle Fleet Owners Association Limited (GVFOA) provides an array of services that allows industry players staying ahead with the ever-changing road transport environments in the region. Details include:
Information Services
Providing latest relevant information issues by Government bodies or any industry organizations that affecting all vehicle fleet owners, like reporting changes in taxes, regulations, environmental and safety issues, transport networks and so on.
Posting internal meeting information (members only) or market news to public periodically.
Updating legislative information and providing professional advices
Industry Representative
GVFOA serves as a voice of vehicle fleet owners in Hong Kong, which making itself heard in any meetings with Government workgroup. In fact, GVFOA takes the role of a key industry representative to communicate with Government bureaus, aims to reflect our views as well as making an optimal decision on every special issue.
Industry Relations
GVFOA public relations activity benefits every fleet owner by providing information and facts that bring a better public understanding of the industry. The objective is to assure an even better environment for the operator and the entire industry in Hong Kong. In addition, GVFOA assigns committee members with representation on industry matters and problems to all governmental agencies and regulator bodies dealing with vehicle fleet issues in our region.
Training & Education
GVFOA works together with related Government bodies and institutions to organize variety of seminars, instruction courses and training programs related to our trade. Besides, GVFOA conducts Environmental, Health & Safe (EH&S) educational activities from time to time, in cooperation with all relevant government workgroups, to advocate the importance of EH&S.
Courtesy Visit
GVFOA regularly organizes the courtesy visit activities to some renowned companies and organizations in their trade. Through these activities, our participating members can share the best practices of fleet management and operational experiences with each other.
Member Assistance
GVFOA is made available to its members for providing prompt and useful information whenever enquiries or assistances are required.